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I am a marketer but also I love architecture and beautiful spaces so in my free time as a hobby I really enjoy to design homes. Through a process of research and experimentation, carefully chosen materials and crafted details are used to create inspiring places with a powerful visual impact. I believe that if you are awaking in a well organized, clean and high aesthetics home is your personal power for motivation and energy for the entire day.

Living room:The entertaining corner in your home

The living room is the main entertainment area in home, so we unbundled the space by throwing away the old composites with all these junk little stuff that we usually put in to fill shelves and we  focused on television. We created a space with simple lines but at the same time imposing. More specifically in the central wall of the living room we can do many things, but what about the side walls that we have limited options?

So we invested the side wall with this beautiful stone tile we found in a well-known large chain of home building products and left the white wall for the central wall a glossy white cabinet furniture supplied by a known DIY chain.  Above the furniture we hung on the wall we made a plasterboard up to the ceiling and lined it with Laminate to impart space and hide the cables. To her left and right we got a decorative piece of commerce that I liked very much. We disassembled it into 3 pieces and used 2 of them to paint white and nail them. So we created balances in the eye and since it is white on white with only a ton of discreet design, that is exactly what we wanted.

Lighting matters

Hidden lights gives a luxury touch to a space

You need a different light for reading, for watching TV and for relaxing so with hidden lighting and dimmable RGB led strips you can make an ambience and create the atmosphere you want according to your personal mood during the day.  So it is very important to understand that lighting can be a determining factor in the quality of space and makes it much more sophisticated and luxury. Here we illuminated the main structure of the living room.

For the sofas and tables we chose the colors of jewelery (blue, green, turquoise and gold) to give a little intensity and luxury to the earth colors of the space. We combined different materials for this colors such as metal, crystals and velvet for the perfect result. In closing we added the beautiful pachira with this rich foliage to give a vivid element of nature to the space.

Rich combination of colors

Natural materials



The kitchen area is where they are born new gastronomy dishes. Custom, Custom again custom. The kitchen especially when it is not a separate room and is the continuation of a living room or dining room should have materials in common with the rest to harmonize with the environment. The design has now started to become simpler and more functional for most uses besides cooking. 

 I originally designed the cabinets up to the ceiling for both aesthetic and practical reasons. So the tall cabinets play the role of a loft that we can store anything. I used exactly the same materials as the lounge in earthy shades of white and wood enough to give the space warmth. As you can see from the photos, it is divided into zones, right or wooden showcase for drinks and coffee in combination with the back of the isle creates a small bar in our house, the isle with the corner column and the built-in oven is cooking preparation area and right behind the sink with the built-in dishwasher is the clean dishes area. We made a ceiling plasterboard that we dressed with the same Laminate that is in the living room. The open kitchen design was created with our islet playing a key role, has a lot of storage space, offers you a large workbench next to your hob and at one point turns into a bar where you can sit down and have a drink. you. The final touch of this push-pull puller is in our kitchen island, and it gives us power for any small appliance while hiding it when we don't need it.




You propably wondered why a bed looks pretty and rich in a hotel and in your home looks simple. I have the answer to create atmosphere in the area you are  sleeping. First key is layering with many fabrics to make it much more luxurious. Second key is pillows, use as many pillows as you can, decorative and whites.You will see result immediately. Again try to use natural materials such as wood and some plants to keep in touch with the nature. Think with that statement: Bring the outside inside.

Plaster boards

Plaster board the material that modern architecture loves. You can do anything you want with them from ceilings, walls and special constructions you can imagine. This material is very popular, cheap, easy to use and can make anything you have in mind possible. Here we made a constraction for this wood stove to hide flues and make it look like a fireplace. I think that the result is very impressive. 

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