Heraclion, Crete

"Customer-Brand Interaction                                      through social media"


This paper is a part of my master’s dissertation that examines the engagement between customers and brands through social media. Moreover analyzes the 5Ps and examines keys for successful social media posts. (Storytelling, dynamic animations, content marketing, contests etc). A survey was conducted in order to determine attitudes of Greek customers among brands through online sm environment. Research provided strong evidence that the majority of the social network users have profiles on Facebook and Instagram, follow brand fan pages via social media, even though they have different reasons to do so. Also the results of this study showed that customers trust information more from friends’ posts for a brand rather than posts from official brand page. (e-WOM). Moreover survey highlighted strong agreement to some loyalty statements such as “i would say positive words for one business” and “I would suggest a company through social media at my friend’s profile”. At the end of the paper, the author discusses the results, along with implications, limitations and recommendations.