3 Ways to research for your competitors online

Every business, big or small, has competitors, and understanding their strengths and weaknesses is an important aspect of long-term success. By learning deeper about their marketing techniques, their product mixes, and their new target markets, you can adjust your own marketing strategy to gain an edge in your industry. In this post I analyze some ways that you can learn about competition through online research and took the advantage.

User Experience

At first visiting their website is a good starting point for evaluating how well its doing online. Start by looking what your competitor offers, if it has USP and compare it with yours. Finally check the user experience, the navigation, colors etc

Social Media

There is plenty of information to get from there from two scopes. The first one is the official competitors social pages and second is what the audience say about your competitors.

Of course, given how companies are increasingly using social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter as marketing outlets these days, you might be able to pick up interesting facts about your competition. For example which are their campaigns, what products are promoting and how they are promoting them.

Media mentions of your competition is an easy, cost-effective way to stay in tune with and in the know about the public's sentiment about our competitors. Moreover you can check reviews from Google, Tripadvisor, Trivago etc

Analyze their SEO structure

With competitive analysis and within the results you have found, you can check how they using the keywords that their trying to rank for. You can determine the;

  • SEO structure

  • Page Tittle

  • URL architecture

  • H1 tags

  • Content

  • Internal links

  • Image Alt texts

There are also some sites that can help you find deeper insights about your competition except from your website audit that can do for you. All of them has subscription but they also offer free trial period so you can start from here.

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