Affiliate Marketing: Opportunities for both affiliates and advertisers

In digital world every day millions of people share billions of information and make billions of searches in search engines. Some bloggers test some products and writes something about them, so nowadays bloggers can earn a little price if someone clicks at an affiliate link at his blog. If you are an affiliate blogger and writes articles be aware to find relevant advertisers for what you are writing for and don't just put ads from anything in order to convert your traffic into real money because readers won't click. In other scope for advertisers it's an opportunity in Greece because it's something new for our standards, it's a new type of advertisement and a  cheap way to become a parter. It's something like WOM, someone that has a big impact at his followers writes a good review for you to his audience and advertises you. It's not free but it has a small commition to pay, if someone that may be a lead customer click to the link from blogger's site to your site. Make sure that you have created an impressive landing page in order to turn to a customer from lead customer. I 've done a research for sites that you can be an advertiser or to run an affiliate program at your site.

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