Content Marketing trends predictions 2020

Nonetheless, the start of the new year means planning, working out new strategies, and goal setting...

So it’s very important for every business to create all that stuff based on consumer behavior trends.

As we have discussed before, video content is the way of the future. According to Core DNA, “The modern consumer increasingly expects to receive video content from their favorite brands, and video keeps audiences engaged longer than any other type of content. Live-stream audiences continue to grow as well, with 80 percent of respondents to a Livestream survey saying they’d rather watch live video than read a blog post.

More focus on video content (Primarily on YouTube)

According Cisco research study 75% of mobile traffic will be video in 2020 and guess what ....2020 is here...I create videos for your social media marketing plan but beware on YouTube because people want to see less ads so create something unique and more targeted.

LinkedIn and Live Video

Not everyone has the live-streaming feature on LinkedIn, and you need to use software if you do have access and want to go live, e.g. Switcher Studio, StreamYard, and many others.

However, in 2020 things will open up more. LinkedIn live-streaming will be more accessible and we’ll see people embrace it. LinkedIn has asked people, so far, to apply for live streaming access largely to try and control the quality of live content, but I think that’s hard to do and volume will take over soon.

Instagram IGTV

After a slow start for Instagram TV (IGTV), it’s now becoming an integral part of social media strategies. After announcing in February that Instagram would allow one minute previews of IGTV videos on the main Instagram feed, things started to change and views skyrocketed.

In fact, brands that use IGTV preview videos have seen views increase by more than 300%. For example Sephora went from getting 60,000–80,000 views on their videos to over 1 million nearly overnight after they started showing 60-second IGTV preview videos in their feed.

People’s tolerance for content and brands that are just trying to extract value from people and sell something will continue to diminish, while their love and support for brands that do something meaningful and tell stories about it will continue to rise. Guess what?, the most powerful way to tell a story is the combination of an animated image, sound and text.

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