Digital Luxury Hotel Marketing tips you must know

The marketing landscape changed over years and of course hotel marketing affected too. Everything going digital, so digital presence is a very important factor for every hotel. 50 - 60% for luxury hotel bookings are made online because travellers want to book a vacation in just a few clicks so I am going to mention some things that matters for your digital hotel marketing strategy. First make sure that your website is mobile optimized and multilingual to make your guests feel hospitality even from first web page visit. It's more friendly if someone speaks to your mother language. Second factor is visual content. Post in social media rich and true content that can desire traveller's attention and senses. 91% of travellers choose to share with photos their experiences, a new trend for latest years is businesses share in their official profiles that photos. Another important thing is an attractive web design that represents the whole branding, it can not be separate. The sense and feel must be the same. Optimize it for direct bookings and keep subscriptions for your newsletter in order to inform them for news and offers about your 5star property. Try to find out their personas from a survey or research to know your audience better and give them more personalized content. It's more important for luxury hotels a direct booking rather than one travel agency or OTA because you can serve more personalized experience to your highly customer's expectations. It's an opportunity here to list your hotel to new Google service that offers direct bookings. It's a case study that I will analyze it at another article. Finally, Showcase your hotel through email marketing, carefully choose perfect photography for your landscapes, rooms, dining etc. Define your business usps and promote them to differentiate from competition The content of luxury hotel social media marketing posts should focus on what makes the property exceptional.

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