Do you use effective your social media channels to build brand loyalty?

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Building and maintaining brand loyalty are one of the main challenges for marketers. It requires time, communication and real relationships.  Social media marketing is different that traditional marketing, therefore it requires special attention and strategy building to achieve brand image and brand loyalty. First step before achieve brand loyalty is building trust. According many researchers the two steps for building customer loyalty are to create value for the users and to create marketing programs that enhance customers. By achieving it you will get one of the most main advantages for your business and that's it the word of mouth. The "free advertising" by your customers mouth that will recommend or give a positive review to your product or service to their friends. Retaining user relationships can not be achieved only by creating a new product or service they can be achieved by creating value as long term buyers can be seen as valuable assets for the company. According to a research study by academic researcher that published in Emerald journal's information, Technology and people showed that social networking tools such as Facebook fan page have enormous potential for enhancing brand loyalty. They can be deployed to help companies build brand community commitment through encouraging engagement behaviors in these online platforms. Therefore e-managers are recommend to encourage active participation in their online brand communities demonstrating the benefits for their members. For instance they ensure a harmonious online environment and provide some economic incentives( coupons, free gifts, free access to resources etc) and of course by combining content marketing with emphasis on engagement content. Some key assets that I want to mention for engaging content are: Post user genarated content Ask questions in your captions Create branded hash tags Go live and show some events or insights from your business through videos in Facebook, Instagram and YouTube Ask for reviews Host giveaways and contests

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