Inbound marketing: Why every business must include it in the overall business strategy

The explosion of channels and Internet caused many changes in marketing. How people interact with brands and receive messages . Now there is social media marketing, email marketing, blog marketing, content marketing, viral marketing etc. With all of that changes a new marketing development has arisen, which includes all of that namely digital inbound marketing. The main difference between traditional marketing and inbound marketing is that in the traditional marketing the advertising message is going out to all sorts of people who might not want your product or are not ready to buy. Inbound marketing instead focuses on targeted techniques such as content creation, search marketing and social media that helps potential buyers find your business when they are ready to buy. This brings better more qualified leads into your sales funnel. Here’s the deal: digital marketing is huge, but it hasn’t completely replaced traditional marketing…at least not yet. So most companies benefit from a combination of digital inbound and traditional marketing. For an inbound marketing strategy you need to have in mind that communication is interactive and its two-way, you need to entertain or educate your audience through blogging, posts, videos etc and customers find you through social, referrals, search engines etc. because they are searching for a solution to their problems and your company already answered. When executed effectively creates a system that consistently and repeatedly generates qualified leads for your business and of course it increase your revenue. Finally the choice is yours to use inbound strategies or omni - channel strategies.

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