Strategies for building and maintaining customer loyalty

Strategies for building and maintaining Customer Loyalty

In a world where your competitors are only a click away, customer loyalty really is the new marketing. In my opinion customer loyalty programs must be among your top priorities. According many researches existing customers spend 67% more than new customers. Moreover bringing in new customers can cost you 5 to ten times more than selling to existing ones. Let's start creating your loyalty program:

Your starting point should be keeping track and collecting data about your customers. Once you have the data, you will be able to design the loyalty program that matches both your goals and your customers needs and expectations.

1. Offer Discounts

With all of marketing automation and analytics technology you can provide your customers with discounts on products they purchase regularly as well as products that complement prior purchases.

2. Reward them

There are so many ways to reward your customers from free shipping or free extra services available only from your website to buy for example 3 and take the 4th free etc.

3. Encourage referrals

A refer to a friend program is an effective way to reward your existing customers while gaining new ones. For example tag a friend to a picture on social media and gain new

4. Point Systems

With today's systems you can offer various types of reward points on purchases, status level and customer features. Membership cards silver, gold etc

5. Set up a subscription service

A subscription-based program not only retains a customer for a certain amount of time, it also offers incentives for the customer that they may not receive anywhere else.

6. Show Gratitude

A simple “Thank you” email, or a letter to buyer, guest visitor etc, will show that instead of technology there is a grateful human on the other side. Even in the digital age human to human interactions are much more appreciated.

7. Remember their special dates

Sending a simple “Happy Birthday” email or postcard to acknowledge their special day keeps you top-of-mind and shows you care. You can take this a step further by giving them a special birthday offer or a free product to help them celebrate.


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