The future in luxury Hotels: Ai and IoT will change guest's experience

Hospitality is selling an experience to satisfy guest needs. According to that, experiential marketing plays an important role for customer emotional, social and physical experience. As Kotler said retailers in order to gain a competitive advantage need to apply stimuli from the five senses. From the other hand Internet of Things(Iot) have been rapidly gain ground in various domains such as Healthcare industry, smart homes etc. and 212 billion smart home devices will be sold until 2020 so it will be part of our lives. For the hospitality industry, one unavoidable and important factor is to increase brand relevancy, loyalty, and advocacy. How can you achieve this? By human touch, technology or a combination of the two? According to PwC's Customer Experience Survey, customers don’t want to choose between human interaction or machines: They want automation to be embedded in their experiences but to still maintain a human element - keeping the high touch of hospitality Speaking generally, it is clear that the future success of many hotels and resorts, at least those operating in certain categories when service quality ranks as a key point in competitive differentiation, will rest squarely on how well they can gain a deep understanding of their guests on individual basis(personas) and importantly how well they can act upon understanding to improve the overall quality of the guest experience. In that article I will focus on technology factor, which can minimize costs with the big deal for hoteliers to make their guests feel like home. With artificial intelligence in CRM systems you can achieve more personalized accommodation for your guests,  define their personas and with IOT rooms  can make their stay more comfortable and customized. For example: control room features with a tablet or voice such as lights, curtains,air conditioning, information about hotel's entairtaining program, booking tables at restaurants and whatever you can imagine. Finally they can check in with their phones from a terminal in lobby and entry to their rooms with their nfc enabled devices or offer private VIP services through hotels app. All of that automation and big data will save time and money for managers and hoteliers and meets their guests highly expectations. What do you think?

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