These things will help you build your sales funnel and automate it in digital world

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Some people believe that if they have a good product they will sell but they ignore the high competition or they think that if they have a good website, landing page for this product and pay some ads those things will guarantee the sales process. I think they are wrong, maybe it's luck to sell a product but if you want viable business with returning customers you need to understand your audience first. Try to think in a long term for your business. With the explosion of the channels, messages and information, you need to build your sales funnel for your company right. A digital marketing sales funnel helps you analyze your customer's journey from awareness to convertion. Think AIDA model but in its new version from digital scope. Before you start try a research from existing data for your ideal customers and try to find how they find you, how they turned from leads to customers and how they become loyal. In the first stage is analysis so try to think and solve what your  your customers might search to find solution to their problems. In other words be one step before them. Second stage is promotion so create content based on your research results and promote it through the channels that your clients use. Promote with storytelling posts, short videos, ssm, ppc, Seo. Third stage is website optimization, and landing pages. Once you 've gotten your prospects interested draw them to your website. In fourth and fifth stage is where your sales team enter into the game. Target leads who are the most likely to purchase a product with retargeting and text ads, email marketing etc. And final stage is Nurture, Nurture lead relationships for additional sales.

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