Timeline and actions for your Christmas ad campaigns

The Christmas season. The most waited time season of the year for consumers and for businesses. That time of the year is the month with the highest sales for the most industries. Everyone is looking for gifts, personal purchases and travel trips. It's an oppurtinity for every retailer to increase its revenue and reach potential customers. It's time for digital Christmas marketing strategy. 1.Define Goals First you need to define your goals and plan toward them. August, September are the key months for that. Create S.M.A.R.T goals (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-based). Then think the emotions generated during Christmas and try to create ads based on those emotions. Overall from analysis of ads from latest years we defined happiness, warmth, nostalgia, inspiration, pride, sadness, hilarity and amazement. 2. Brand awareness Now from October to November its time for brand awareness and acquisition Christmas campaigns to build interest and intent  with your audience. That can be achieved with paid advertising through your channels and email marketing. Create some offers for early buyers/bookers and increase your October dead revenue 3. Showcase offers & buddles Prepare your mail campaign with gift ideas, introduce special holiday buddles if you want upsell, personalized offers, early bookings if you own a hotel and include shop now buttons. 4. Don't forget your in-store appearance Whether you are planning your online campaigns its also vital to start from the early of November in-store promotions, decoration  based on your overall marketing campaign you designed and visual merchandising tricks 5. December the boost month Boost your sales campaigns and promote a charity, by supporting a charity in that period can benefit your business not only financially but also for branding purposes. Create and share content that is helpful for your potential buyers for example how to videos, gift guides, vouchers, advised content for destinations, years eve dinner etc... Don't forget retargeting and of cource exclusive customized Christmas packaging for your products that will add a touch of class. 4. After Christmas January is the month with low sales so it's a great time to continue pumping out your sales. Offer discounts "Santa didn't get me what I wanted", flash sales etc. The most important thing is to send to your customers your brand messages with effective frequency during that months through multiple channels online and offline even if you are running a business online or offline or you own a hotel that is closed winter months etc.

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