Tips for getting bookings in low season

Start Early

What are the weeks, months when your hotel slows down? Review your hotel's year forecast and identify the low periods. Start planning early your marketing strategies to boost  rooms and suites bookings, two to three months before period in need. Remind that it's not a good strategy to discount room rates if you sell luxury. Below I ll present some strategies I have in mind that will increase brand's luxury status. 

Partner with brands nearby

Pair promotion and showcase the advantages of the package. For example some brands in your market such as restaurants, wineries, tourist attractions etc. A good promotion will be : stay & dine in the top restaurant in town... Taste exclusive dishes from famous Chefs..... and experience the ultimate treating in our resort as you are kings and queens. 

Αttract attention

Some offers are exist purily to attract attention to your hotel. It doesn't matter if the offer is too expensive if it's something exclusive and unique. This marketing technique will get potential guests talking about your brand and gives a story that is perfectly paired with your luxury philosophy. For example a valentines day in a villa with private butler, limousine service and a tour in city with a helicopter. You ll be lucky if someone books it, consider it as a bonus, but be sure that you will get the attention. 

Disguise need periods in seasonal messaging

Think creative ways for your messaging during low season. Research about your city's key demand genarators and potition your hotel in front of them. 

Website exclusive offers

Promote the offers that are only available if someone books from your site. For example "pay for BB and get Full board for free, or book 3nights and get 1 free couple treatment at our spa. 

Build content around weddings, meetings and sports events

Take a research for these type of queries for your location. Take the advantage of the findings and build content or promote discount for groups, for wedding parties in low season etc. 

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