Visual Merchandising :The Basics

Visual merchandising is about presentation, about showing to sell—creating a store’s (online and offline) look, promoting an image or a brand, and shaping the shopper’s attitude toward the retailer and the product.

In the age of saturated markets, it is increasily difficult for retailers to differentiate themselves from their competition. Store design can be a very effective positioning tool to do just that. While the store environment can't replace good salespeople, the right store design can lead customers through the store, provide them information, entertaining them and even sell products to them.

Before you begin and propably you already have identified your target audience and your personas you have to think about that questions : 01. How shoppers navigate into the shop, searching for products and how you can make them find the products you want to see 02. How can you influence shopping behavior through store design factors such as ceilings, floors, store fixtures, lighting etc 03. How can you appeal shoppers emotions through use of colors, scents and music 04. How can you make shopping memorable experience? If you answer all those questions based on your goals and research you will ready to start designing your store. Whether you're revamping your retail displays or creating new ones I will give you  six principles to help you achieve more impactful and memorable visual merchandising. First keep in mind to use the right color to catch the eyes of your customers and draw them to your displays. Second Create a hotspot--or focal point. Why? Because hotspots can increase sales by 229 percent. Remember, the hotspot is the product, not a visual element you use to add to the story. Third Tell a story from your windows and  interior store design. Use powerful, sales-enabling signage to display the advantages of buying the product.

Forth Displays Have as many displays as possible, and present as much merchandise as possible. But keep displays clean and sharp, and ensure aisles are spacious and barrier-free to prevent deterring customers from products. Fifth Merchandise will be more experiential. Excellent merchandising isn't about product arrangements and displays. It's also about the experience that they help create. In 2019 we anticipate more retailers will roll out experencial merchandising initiatives that engage multiple senses and encourage social shares. Sixth is about products, avoid out of stock remember that a store that has plenty of choice products sells...

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