Which strategy is the best for your business ? Pros and Cons

SEO and PPC belongs to what we say SEM(Search engine Marketing)

Marketers and business owners often face the dilemma of whether to choose SEO or PPC to grow their businesses. In my opinion if you can afford it combine both of them as short term(PPC) and long term(SEO) strategy to see real benefits. Above I will represent the advantages and disadvantages of each tactic , which become more or less important depending on your intent and objectives, your product or service. 

SEO tends to be a long-term strategy and needs time, whereas PPC is a short-term one and you can see results in a few days.

The choice is up to your business goals and strategy. 

Seo Advantages

  • Seo's return on investment will continue to rise in the long run even if your budget has stopped.

  • Searchers tend to trust more organic listings than sponsored links

  • The cost of SEO strategy is cheaper than PPC in a long term

PPC Advantages

  • PPC can genarate visitors and leads very quickly

  • PPC can guarantee that your listing will be on the top whatever algorithimg changes will search engines make

  • PPC traffic is highly targeted

SEO disadvantages

  • SEO takes time for results of the work to take effect

  • Search engines changes algorithms time to time 

  • A lot of things are out of control 

PPC disadvantages 

  • PPC advertising requires money to bring traffic to your website

  • Web searchers don't trust PPC listing very much

  • PPC requires testing variables to improve conversions

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