Why and how Instagram can increase your bookings

Instagram the best social media channel for your hotel exposure. One of the main advantages for Instagram is that you can reach wider audience without have to pay ads. The first rule to achieve this, is #hashtag. By posting without hashtag is like that you have opened a store at a small village, in addition to that by using some hashtags is just like you opened at Ermou str with million of people show your window everyday. Another thing that is crutial and will help you define opportunities and how people interacting is to convert your account into business account, that will give you powerful insights about your audience. Second rule is to check your competition's Instagram profiles and of course leader's such as Marriott international, Hilton, Hyatt etc for inspiration. According to traveller's insights, 23% of consumers said that content from celebrities or infuencers is impactful at their purchasing decisions. Moreover a trend for latest years is risement for those destinations to wide audience and and many of them are not so common by those influencers. Instagram is gaining the momentum in travel space, so from marketing scope its important a partnership with a celebrity or infuencer and a strong presence to that social media network. Another key element is posting Unique Genarated Content from your customers. 85% of people say that they would share a positive travel experience on social media and that is a chance that you must grab it. Moreover some more hints for your post photos and live videos are :amenities, specialty services, guest stories, landscapes, some impressive and must see places nearby. Those elements are crucial if captured correctly because of the impressive visual impact and they will guarantee easier gaining reach and visibility from any other social media channel like Facebook, Twitter etc.

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