Why you should focus on Experential and Sensory marketing for your hotel?

experiential and sensory hotel marketing

Understanding consumers choice is critical to marketing success. Experiencial and sensory marketing for hospitality industry is vital for creating long-lasting impressions, desire customer's senses and build brand loyalty. I think that sensory marketing aims to desire the 5 senses and its a part of experiential marketing. For example experiencial marketing includes how you walk around the spa area but sensory marketing is responsible for how the room smells (essential oils), looks in your eyes (candles) etc. Experiencial marketing can start even from hotel's website for example a virtual tour to building, landscapes and rooms of your property and of course can be continued with many creative and powerful ways from check in until check out. Think that the more memorable an experience, the more likely people will talk about you. In particular presuming customers evaluate hospitality experiences primarily in emotional terms, hospitality managers need to understand the emotional dimensions of the customer experience and the ways they satisfy their emotional needs. According to international journal of hospitality management and Dohee Kim and Richard's R. Perdue research that examined the importance of cognitive, affective and sensory attributes on hotel choice, showed that when hotel customers choose a hotel they consider not only cognitive attributes (price, service, food quality and brand name) but also affective (comfortable, feeling and entertaining) and sensory. Also research showed that in the relative importance of sensory attributes on hotel choice, room quality was the most necessary requirement that a hotel provides to customers, followed by price, food quality and overall experience of the property. The result implies that sensory attributes are necessary, not additional accessories. So hotel managers in order to gain market share and differentiate from competition needs to focus not only to functional benefits but also to emotional that are the key factors for consumer's ultimate choice and willingness to pay. (Aaker, 2004)

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